ITF Watch: Arrival (2016 film) ft. Mark Niemann-Ross

Sci-Fi author Mark Niemann-Ross re-joins the podcast for episode 107 to discuss Denis Villeneuve’s “Arrival” starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. Storm Area 51 this week as the guys come face-to-whatever-that-thing-is with the heptapods. Listen to this episode to learn how to win a signed copy of Ted Chiang’s “Story of Your Life,” the story that the film was based on!

Spoilers begin: 34:50

Topics: the appreciation for cinematography that Luke has gained, the strategy behind the design for the aliens and their ships, how this movie differs from Sci-Fi standard fare, being a rebel by loving a thing, the potential Hollywood-ification of the plot, the Kuleshov Effect, the meaning behind calling the aliens “Abbott and Costello,” and whether or not the explosive plot-twist works for the film or detracts from the movie's overall message.

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