Ep-95 The Children of Men (1992 novel) part two

Theo joins the dissident group called the "Five Fishes" and is on the run from the law with the fate of the world in the balance in the second half of THE CHILDREN OF MEN by P. D. James (a. k. a. Phyllis Dorothy James).

Topics: Their reaction to all of the Christian symbols and references, an appearance by the famous dramatic principle of Chekov’s Gun, an absurd dance, “eugenics are bad”, the juxtaposition of the human with the divine, a reading from scripture and a stab at the meaning of the title, some flimsiness in the ending, and whether or not this story’s conclusion is actually a hopeful one.

And make sure to join the podcast next week for a discussion about the film by Alfonso Cuaron starring Julianne Moore & Clive Owen!

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