Ep-94 The Children of Men (1992 novel) part one

P. D. James (a. k. a. Phyllis Dorothy James) wrote her classic dystopian tale of a world dying a slow death in the 90s that led to an iconic film adaptation more than a decade later. In THE CHILDREN OF MEN, the reader follows Dr. Theodore “Theo” Faron as he navigates the new political and theological questions of a world without a future. Luke & James explore the questions raised by the first half of the novel.

Spoilers begin: 34:15

Topics: the book’s style and prose, authoritarianism as a response to fear, Theo’s privilege, exploring the speculative element at the heart of the story, the proposed effect on sexual relationships as suggested by the author, a potential lack of humanism, the politics of the Five Fishes, and finally, would Luke & James recommend movie-fans read this book?

And make sure to join the podcast next week for the second half of the novel, and the following week for the film by Alfonzo Cuaron starring Julianne Moore & Clive Owen!

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