Ep-93 Good Omens (2019 TV series) episodes 4-6

The four horsemen ride to start the Apocalypse and to meet the Antichrist (Adam Young) in the last 3 episodes of Neil Gaiman’s feel-good TV series about the end of the world. Join Luke & James as they discuss the second half of the show, before putting a bow on their coverage.

Topics include: overall takeaways from the project, Michael Sheen & David Tennant's potential to pull off each other’s roles, the CGI used, Luke shares a “duh moment,” Anathema & Newt’s hook-up, the are they/aren’t they relationship of Aziraphale & Crowley, a demon’s taste in whisky, and finally a discussion on the potential for a season 2 possibly based off of Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett’s unfinished manuscript.

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