Ep-85 The Two Towers (1954 novel) part one

Middle Earth prepares for war as Luke & James return to a beloved series to continue where they left off all the way back in episode 39. So, grab some Lembas bread, put on your running shoes, and head into the forest to commune with some immortal trees! This episode covers the first 1/3rd of The Two Towers, part two of The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien. 

Topics: The choice to begin the novel with the death of Boromir, telling one half of the story absent Frodo and Sam, the mystery of the creep in white hanging out in Fanghorn Forest, the ponderous joy of Treebeard the Ent, Merry and Pippin’s clever escape, orc politics, Gimli is sad he didn’t get a message from his crush, Aragorn gets the hots for Eowyn, Gandalf the White Liar, and the slapping down of Wyrmtongue.

Chapters Covered

CH 1: The Departure of Boromir

CH 2: The Riders of Rohan

CH 3: The Uruk-Hai

CH 4: Treebeard

CH 5: The White Rider

CH 6: The King of the Golden Hall

Join them next week as they continue their coverage of the book before arriving at Peter Jackson's 2002 film.

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