Ep-84 Pet Sematary (2019 film) ft. Sara Tantlinger

Stoker-Award-nominated horror writer Sara Tantlinger joins Luke & James to discuss the new Pet Sematary adaptation! Filmmakers Kevin Kölsch & Dennis Widmyer take some liberties with Stephen King’s source material, and the hosts weigh in on which ones worked and which fell short. How does the Creed family come across in the new adaptation? Does John Lithgow do Jud Crandall justice? They start with a spoiler-free conversation to kick things off!

Spoilers begin: 23:43

Topics Include: Their theater-going experience, the problem with horror-clichés, Stephen King Easter eggs, issues with the way the film uses Victor Pascal, the BIG change, the new interpretation of the Wendigo, the differences with Rachel’s sister Zelda, Church’s performance & red carpet attire, and how they felt about the film's final scene.

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