Ep-80 Game of Thrones (1996 novel & 2011 TV series) chapters 17-46 & episodes 3-6

Relive the season of Game of Thrones that started it all with Luke & James as they discuss all the political intrigue, backstabbing, sexposition, and changes both good & bad between the book and the HBO series. They combine their book + TV show coverage into a single episode that arrives at the gruesome crowning of Viserys Targaryen at the hands of Khal Drogo.

WARNING: This episode contains spoilers for the first 7 seasons of the Game of Thrones HBO television series & the five currently released novels of the A Song of Ice and Fire book series.

Questions posed: Did Jaime act on behalf of the smallfolk when he killed the Mad King or was he more of an opportunist interested in saving himself and his family? How does Robert Baratheon in his prime stack up against the great warriors of Westeros? What do the guys think of the “Bran the Timewalker” theory? Does Ned Stark make any morally wrong decisions? And, finally, is GRRM the King Robert of fantasy fiction?

Join the guys next week when they cover the final chunk of season 1 of the HBO series & the book by George RR Martin!

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