Ep-72 The Martian (2011 novel)

New year, new look, new planet, who dis? Join Luke & James as they kick off 2019 on Mars with Andy Weir’s hard SciFi adventure-survival novel, THE MARTIAN. Mark Watney has quickly become a classic character, but what made him so compelling? Does the novel succeed in holding reader interest with all that math and science?

Topics: New logo discussion, what it was like growing up on the Space Coast of Florida, Andy Weir’s background & relationship with Ready Player One author Ernest Cline, the publication history for the novel, the research necessary to achieve that high-level of verisimilitude, the theme of the triumph of the human spirit, hard SciFi as a genre, Weir’s prose and writing style, the multiple POV shifts, the one MAJOR scientific inaccuracy in the novel, the Trolley Problem, and what food they would choose to live off of for years.

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