Ep-56 Coraline (2002 novella)

Neil Gaiman is a living legend in the writing community and beyond, and CORALINE is one of his most famous works, and rightfully so. The novella tells the story of young Coraline Jones as she does battle with an otherworldly and sinister “Other Mother” who wants to steal her soul but is thwarted by the little girl’s bravery and wit. 

Topics include: Neil Gaiman’s bio, Coraline’s characterization, Gaiman’s mastery of prose, the meaning behind “don’t mention the Scottish play,” Adder stones, how the scares are made palatable for young readers, subtle authorial choices to make the story play as intended, the viability of a personally tailored paradise, cat projectiles, and Gaiman’s method of discovery writing. 

Join Ink to Film next week when they discuss Henry Selick’s film adaptation featuring the voices of Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, and Ian McShane!


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Neil Gaiman reads The Raven

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