Ep-59 Edge of Tomorrow: Live. Die. Repeat. (2014 film) ft. Watch. Review. Repeat.

Colton Brown & Andrew Meadows of the “Watch. Review. Repeat.” Podcast join the show to discuss Doug Limon’s 2014 sci-fi action film starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blount. "Edge of Tomorrow" follows Cruise’s Cage as he relives a horrendous battle over and over as each day resets with his death in a mysterious Groundhog’s-Day-type scenario. He learns more about the enemy with every loop, but also develops feelings for Blounts’ Rita Vrataski. The discussion begins with spoiler-free general thoughts.

SPOILERS begin: 24:59

Topics Include: Rita’s cool f**cking sword, Tom Cruise’s performance, RIP Bill Paxton, the strengths and weaknesses of the tone of the movie, 4-act structure, the newsreel apocalypse montage, keeping an episode scoreboard, Rita’s version of the ISO push-up, issues with the final act, and a debate over suggested alternate endings.

Listen to Watch. Review. Repeat.

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