Ep-55 Sharp Objects (2018 TV series & 2006 novel) episode 8 & chapters 17-18

The twisted, hellish descent into Camille Preaker’s life in Wind Gap comes to an end in the finale episode of HBO’s series as well as in the final two chapters of Gillian Flynn’s novel. Series creator Marti Noxon and director Jean-Marc Vallée stick the landing with a gripping, shocking hour of television that will have people talking for years to come. The differences in the book vs show make for a lively debate.

Topics include: How to tie the myth of Persephone to this story, the phenomenon of false confessions, the criminal justice system’s handling of minors, the meaning behind “don’t tell mama,” the secret father theory, and the choice to include post-credit scenes.

Speaking of, don’t the end of the show where Luke rants about post-credits scenes!

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