Ep-51 Sharp Objects (2006 novel) chapters 1-8

Gillian Flynn’s debut novel SHARP OBJECTS has been adapted for HBO in a limited series starring Amy Adams, so the guys have devised an experiment in how they will cover this project to fit the release (described below). This episode begins with a spoiler-free chat for the curious, followed by some interesting author bio tidbits, before the full-spoiler discussion begins.


Topics include: Similarities to Stephen King’s IT, Flynn’s impressive prose, the cruelty of the mean girls of Wind Gap, Amma the psychopath, Adora strikes a familiar chord with James, Camille Preaker’s connection to Bill Denbrough, how Adora could be linked to the murders, and the guys try to sort the red herrings from the legitimate leads. It’s early days, but they finish the episode by touting some theories about what’s going to happen in this small-town murder mystery. 

THE PLAN: This week they cover chapters 1-8, next week episodes 1-4 of the TV show, then back to the novel for chapters 9-16, then episodes 5-7 of the show, then finish up with a combination book and film episode covering the final two chapters and the finale of the TV series. 5 podcast episodes in total.


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