Ep-46 Jurassic Park (1993 film) ft. Taylor Zajonc

Ep-46 Jurassic Park (1993 film) ft. Taylor Zajonc

Special guest author Taylor Zajonc (THE MAW, WRECKING CREW, RED ROGUE SUN) joins Luke & James this week to discuss one of Stephen Spielberg’s all-time classics, Jurassic Park! Taylor’s bio is filled with real-life adventures like travelling 3-miles down in a soviet-era submersible and he brings that knowledge along with his storytelling insights into their discussion of the film.

Topics include: The dawn of CGI in blockbuster films, incredible character development for each of the major players, hidden symbolism in the seatbelts, the brilliance of the first T-Rex scene, Luke tells a story about running out of the theater in terror, the amazing feats people can do with adrenaline, Luke makes a Dark Souls reference, a case for a demonic reference surrounding the raptors, then they end their coverage by considering the movie’s ongoing legacy.

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