Ep-45 Jurassic Park (1990 novel) part three ft. Emily Suvada

Special guest author Emily Suvada joins Luke & James to discuss the last third of Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park. Emily’s book, This Mortal Coil, is a gripping dystopian Sci-Fi novel about gene hacking and a horrifying plague, so she brings a wealth of expert knowledge when it comes to writing a genetics-focused thriller. And that’s not even mentioning her background in coding, mathematics, and astrophysics. This episode covers “iterations” 5-7 of the novel.

Topics include: Jurassic Park River Adventure, Tim as only POV character, tentacle tongue, The Malcolm Stretch, The Universal Blue Glow of Sci-Fi, children in crisis situations, the danger of unnecessarily complicated user interfaces, Emily’s take on the science of the book, Hammond’s horribleness, liminal spaces, and whether or not Emily would go to Jurassic Park in real life.

Join Luke & James next week for Stephen Spielberg’s 1993 film!

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