Ep-43 Jurassic Park (1990 novel) part one

Michael Crichton wrote many famous novels, but arguably none made as huge an impact as his 1990 Sci-Fi thriller, Jurassic Park. In this episode (AKA “The Dino Hour”), Luke and James cover the first and second “iterations” (of seven) in the novel. But first, who was Michael Crichton? They begin by discussing the author’s run-in with a professor at Harvard and his scientific background.

Topics include: the pacing of good thrillers, the novel’s darker tone, differences in the principal characters, some male-gaze issues, the plausibility of a miniature elephant, the utility of wearing the same color every day, and finish with revealing whether they would visit a real life Jurassic Park.

Join them next week for part 2, and part 3 the week after, then for their movie episode where they finish with Stephen Spielberg’s 1993 film.


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