Ep-41 Fahrenheit 451 (1953 novel) part two

The troubling concepts and ideas of Ray Bradbury’s prescient 1953 Sci-Fi classic Fahrenheit 451 come to a stirring crescendo in the last two parts of the novel. This episode covers part two: The Sieve and the Sand, and part three: Burning Bright.

Ideas include: The confluence of religion and capitalism, those who build vs those who burn in society, the superficiality of some voters, the staggering effect of poetry on someone who has never heard it, Montag’s shocking turn against Beatty, the danger of state-run news agencies and propaganda, and the surprisingly grim and melancholy end to the novel and what Bradbury was trying to say with it. 

Luke and James finish by checking in with Reddit to see what the internet has come up with, then make some predictions for what they might expect in HBO’s upcoming film adaptation starring Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon. 

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