Ep-61 The Shining (1977 novel) part two

Is Jack Torrance sympathetic? The Overlook Hotel is clearly poisoning his mind against his family, but how much of a push he actually needs to turn violent is up for debate. The guys discuss that and more in this episode covering parts 3 & 4 of Stephen King’s THE SHINING (the middle section). Join them as they enter room 217 and throw back the shower curtain!

Topics include: Luke wiping his lips like Jack Torrance, Danny’s POV inconsistencies, writer tools for the toolbox, did Dr. Who steal from King, the horror clinic that is the room 217 scene, “a real artist must suffer,” a billionaire who writes blue-collar fiction, the one scene that Luke didn’t find creepy, and finally, would the guys stay in The Overlook Hotel’s infamous room 217 in real life?

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