Ink to Film has been releasing episodes regularly since August 2017.

Ink to Film has been releasing episodes regularly since August 2017.

The Ink to Film Podcast (Ink to Film LLC) is the creation of writer Luke Elliott and filmmaker James Bailey. In it, we go first to the source material, read, discuss, and appreciate it before moving on to the subsequent film adaptation. Once we watch, we react to the movie based on its own merit, then compare and contrast it to the source text. We hope that it will provide a comprehensive experience for the passionate fans out there, and an easy access point for the curious.

Whether you've read the book or not, we think there will still be plenty for you to enjoy with our conversation. And remember to keep an eye out for future projects, in case we move on to a book/film combination that is more to your liking. 

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You can find our show on all the platforms below! We recommend finding a project you like and listening to the first book episode for it. No need to start at episode 1!

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Feedback: If you would like to send feedback related to any of our episodes, please contact us via one of the pathways listed below! We are always interested to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and reactions to either the podcast in general or the material being discussed. If you would like a chance for your feedback to be read in part or in whole on air, we only ask that you don't spoil any upcoming material we have yet to cover, whether it be the ending of the book or a comparison to the film. We look forward to hearing from you, so don't hesitate to write in!

Future projects: While we already have compiled a long list of potential projects, we are always on the look out for fresh suggestions. Even if we've already noted a potential book/film combination, we would love to hear that the listeners are interested in us exploring a particular title and it could help to move it to the top of our queue. We will always look to announce the next project we are doing an episode or two prior to release, that way our listeners will have a chance to read along with us.

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